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  • the moon
    Took all the doggies to Cannon Beach with us today.. it was BEAUTIFUL... warm enough to go barefoot in the ocean! This is still February isn't it?

a friday night in april

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    Today was beautiful so after work we took the doggies to nearby Sammamish Lake. Kai jumped off the dock into the lake right away and then panicked when he couldn't get back out. We helped him climb up the ladder and he showed his appreciation by shaking water all over us. He and Karma spent the rest of the time on the edge of the lake wanting desperately to jump in but ultimately chickening-out. Afterwards, we went out for dinner at a Persian restaurant...mmmmmm......

My Birthday

  • Jen again
    Jen booked us into the hippest of the hip Hotel Lucia in downtown Portland. We had dinner at Southpark with The Weav and great times were had all around...

April & May 2005

  • teensy Cranium game
    Just some miscellaneous photos from the past couple of weeks

space needle

  • Lisa and the space needle
    Playing tourist this weekend.. we had dinnner at the space needle and I took these photos with my phone as we spun 'round and 'round...

1st visit to Issaquah etc

  • bunny at Jen's parents' house
    Ok, I'm finally posting these.. this was our first visit to our new town. There is a really cute, old-timey shopping area downtown and we started at the Sweet Additions Cafe for breakfast. I also threw in a coupla misc pictures... Karma showing off her sweet derby hat and a bun bun in Jen's parents' yard...


  • Rosie, me and Jen
    Met some friends at McMenamin's Grand Lodge for a "going away" dinner for us and our friend Bernie who's going to law school in Chicago soon.

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